viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

A new Assistant!!!

On Friday 5th, our teacher, Manuela, intruduced our second assistant called Marissa. When Briana, the first assistent, came to the class we had to do an interview about her. And now we have to do the same with Marissa. Here it starts:

She comes from Boston, in Massachusetts (in the east side of the USA). She has done this long travel to stay in Madrid and to go to our school to help us with the English language.
 She also said that when she was in Boston, she was wearing a big coat because the weather was very cold there; and when she arrived to Madrid she took ouet her coat and put on only a T-shirt and shorts. The weather is very different.

Marissa has got a brother called Jared who is 29 years old. Jared is studying law because his father, Luis, is now a lawyer.
Her mother, called Lydia, works in a school with disabled children.
She loves Spain, for that reason, it is the second time that she travels to Spain to work in a school. When she was 6 years old she travelled with her family to our country for the first time. She also came to Spain to study marketing at Barcelona University.

One of her Hobbies is to listen to music. She likes Jazz and electronic misic and she also likes going to gigs and painting exhibition, for that, she enjoys going to museums.                

In her free time she goes to the beach. She loves travelling and she has visited 70  countries.

She also likes Spanish culture like  Manchego cheese. It is delicious, isn´t it?
I hope that she will enjoy staying with us because next year she can go back.

:-) $-) %-) ;-) =-) B-) 8-)

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