domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

David Palomo    2ºD
Marissa is my new English assistant of 2nd of ESO.
She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she has an older brother called Jared. He is 29 and he is older than Marissa. Jared is studing because he wants to be a lawyer. Her mother is called Lydia and she is retired, but before she worked with special needs children, her father is called louis and he is a lawyer.
She studied Communication and media studies, and history in Fordham University, in New York. She also studied in Barcelona University, in Spain. Last year she worked in a primary school in Las Rozas (Madrid).
Marissa has come to Spain a lot of times, but the first one was when she was only six years old. She likes travelling a lot, she has travelled to more than 70 countries, but she would like to go to Asia, for example, to Thailand, to Japan, etc. She likes travelling a lot because she meets people and learns about new cultures. She likes music, almost every kind of music except heavy metal. She loves Madrid culture and Spanish food especially Manchego chesee. She likes the beach and the ocean, but here in Madrid thr beach is 4 hours away, not like in boston where the beach is 5 minutes walking. She likes art and she doesn´t especially likes television.   

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