viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

O U R  A S S I S T A N T

Our English assistant is called Lydia. She was born in 1994, so she's 22 years old. She was born in a little village called Fairfield, in Pennsylvania. She lives in a large house which was a small hotel earlier. She lives with her parents, 6 siblings: 2 brothers, and 4 sisters and with her dog called Luna, who is really energetic and loves to play, Luna is a Border Collie Australian Mix.

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Lydia studied in Hood College in Maryland (Global Studies). In college she joined some clubs. Thanks to college, she has been able to travel and study in countries such as: Spain, South Korea, Italy, Holland, Slovakia, Checz Republic. She loves hiking, watching movies; her favourite one is "Pride&Prejudice"; watching sports like: Football, soocer, ice hockey, basketball, which she likes to play (basket) Lydia would like to live New Zeland.

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I think she seems really nice and funny, she has similar facial features to Adele and Meghan Trainor, which is really cool. I hope to improve my English with her and have a fun great year.
Victoria Topyla 3D

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