martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016


Lydia is going to be our new English assistant. She is from Fairfield, Pennsylvania and she has a really nice American accent. She´s  22 years old and this is the second time she has come to Spain.

She comes from a big family as she has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. She has also a dog called Luna. But space is not a problem for her as she lives in an old bed and breakfast house, with at least 12 rooms!
She studied global studies in the Hood College and she wasn´t in a sorority.
Resultado de imagen de hood college                                                         Resultado de imagen de hood college

 Her hobbies are reading, hanging out with friends and she really likes to hike. Lydia decided to study global studies as she wanted to be more aware of the world. She has travelled to many countries like Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain (Seville), South Korea, Czech Republic and when she was 16 she got an scholarship for studying
1 year in Slovakia.
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In conclusion, in my opinion Lydia is a very good teacher and assistant. I would like to know more about her as she is from another country and has different traditions.


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