martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016


My English assistant is called Lydia. She's 22 years old. She comes from a big family. She has 4

 sisters and 2 brothers. Her parents are called Bill and Cindy. She has a pet too. It is a Border 

Collie-Australian Shephar Mix dog called Luna. She would like to have cats because she loves them

 but she can't because she is allergic. As she comes from a big family, she has a big house in

 Farfield, Pennsylvania, where she was born, near a very well-known town called Gettysburg but

 right now only her parents and her brother, Will, are living there so they are thinking about

 moving to another place. 

Lydia studied at Hood College. She has studied Global studies and Spanish. She went to Slovakia

 when she was 16 years old to live and study there for one year. What helped her to go to Slovakia

 was Rotary, an exchange programme. She likes to hike, watch movies, read, hang out with friends

 and she loves playing with her dog. Another thing she loves is travelling. She has visited Poland, 

Hungary, Check Republic, Italy, South Corea and many others. She has been in Spain before too 

and she wanted to visit Canada, apart from other countries. She said she wanted to be more aware

 about the world, politics, world events and history and that's why she is always travelling.

In my opinion, Lydia is a very nice girl,  it looks like she is a good person. Other than that ,I think

 she's a cool girl who can bring much help to our class and she also seems very friendly and kind. I 

like the fact she likes travelling because like that she can tell us about her experiences in other

 countries. I love her accent too because it's lovely and it's also easy to understand and I think we 

will learn a lot with her this year.



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