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My favourite painter and painting: Franz Marc and The Blue Horse

This time, Manuela asked us to make an oral presentation of our favourite painter and painting. I chose Franz Marc (painter) and The Blue Horse (painting) because when I was in 1st of ESO, the teacher of Drawing asked us to copy an image from the book and I chose this one because of the use of colours.
Here you have my presentation about both, the painter and the painting, and later a prezi about a story that we had to create.

Franz Marc from marcosrocham

Franz Marc was born the 8th of February of 1880, in Munich, Germany. In 1900, he started studying in the academy of fine arts of Munich. He was influenced by the style that Van Gogh and the use of colours of Robert Delaunay.
In 1910, he became friend of August Macke and Wassily Kandinsky. This painters and other German expressionist created the movement Der Blaue Reiter (the blue rider in English). This movement consisted of a group of German expressionists (which included Franz Marc, August Macke and Wassily Kandinsky). It existed from 1911 to 1913 in Munich. This group changed completely German expressionism.
Finally he died the 4th of March of 1916 (36 years), in Braquis, France, because he participated in the 1st World War.
His first paintings belonged to the naturalism style, while later ones belonged to a mixture between futurism and cubism and his last ones belonged to expressionism. He was a very important German expressionist.
His best known paintings are those of animals. The main characteristics of these paintings are the use of prime colours, its style is cubism, they are simple and they are trying to express a message. Also, every prime colour has a meaning: Blue, masculine austerity and spiritual issues, Yellow, female happiness and Red, violence and material things that should be defeated by the union of the two previous colours.
Nowadays, The Blue Horse is displayed in Lenbachhaus municipal gallery of Munich, whose director is Dr Helmut Friedel. This museum reopened the 8th of May of 2013.
To explain the painting of the Blue Horse, we have two divide it into two parts, the physical part and the meaning. The physical one is that we can see a blue horse in the foreground of the painting with some vegetation and coloured hills. This painting has a very difficult meaning. The colour blue represents spiritual issues and triumph over material things, the horse, elegance and his leaning head, sensitivity. With these characteristics and some more, we can find out that is a representation of a human being.
Here you have the link. Franz Marc Galery
Here you have a game. You have to look for the 7 differences between the original painting and this one. Enjoy it.
  Don´t cheat! 
These are the solutions!

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  1. I really liked this presentation because of the lots of details that you provided us. Usually, students don´t notice insignificant details like the meaning or symbolism of the colors of the painting. You explained very well so everybody could understand it.
    I also like the originality you showed in your story and especially in the game. I enjoyed a lot. An excellent presentation, in my opinion!

  2. anytaway@gmail.com15 de mayo de 2014, 10:32

    It's true. You explained quite well the symbols of the colors. I quite liked your game, because it was very simple and entertainig. Congratulations!

  3. I completely agree with Alberto !! It has been a great presentation and the fact you explained us what the colours meant was very original. As well as the game you brought !! Really good presentation.

  4. This presentation is awesome. I am really happy you did it so well and the game part surprised me very positively!;)