jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

My Voki

In social science's class, we've been doing this project. First of all, this is a programme called Voki. You can create a character and afterwards, make him saying whatever you want. This project was about doing a Voki, dressing it up in medieval clothes  and making it explain something of the Reconquest or of Al-Andalus.

Mine is a Castilian knight that fought in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. When making this Voki I found two problems. The first one was that Voki has limited sources so there are no many possibilities to dress the Voki. The second one was about pronunciation. For example, I had to write Castile with double “e” instead with “i” in order to pronounce it well.
Here is my Voki. I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. You have made a very cool and interesting character. Personally, I find this tool a very useful one for the students and we might use it next term. Thanks a lot for sharing.