miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Global Classrooms 2014

I am part of a project called Global Classrooms. And you will say, What is Global Classrooms ? Don´t worry,  I´m going to explain it to you. First of all it is a project related with the UN in which you represent the delegates of a country and you need to deal with some of the problems the country presents. You need to go step by step. Firstly, I was given a country to represent ( Finland ). With this county I needed to do the first position paper, after that, the teachers involved in this project selected 16 students that will continue taking part in it . Then I worked with my assistant for one month and you needed to do an excellent position paper in order to be selected . Only 10 students were selected. I was lucky, as I was selected but after  that, we worked very hard to have the best position paper .

The Day Of The Conference
Finally I was in the conference. I needed to wait just a bit before entering into my commitee because of the : photos , moving from one side to other ... Finally it was an excellent  day and our resolution was selected .
From my point of view it is a very nice experience. Even though we had to work hard, it was worth it.

You can see many more pictures in flickr albulms

By Pablo Morente and Ismael Poza 3º C

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  1. Personally, I think the activity about Global Classrooms is a very good idea. It is a great way of knowing other countries and why they work like that. Also I think the mechanism of only electing 10 people for the event, is a good way of making the students improve, make them confident about what they do, and they also make an effort. It is a good competition. Also, it is undeniable that Global Classrooms is a great experience with other people. You meet new people at the same time as you teach people about your topic. I hope the same activity will maintain at least for the next year, as I want to collaborate in it!