lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

The Maelstrom by E.A.Poe

 A sociological interpretation for one of the numerous and magnificent tales written by Edgar Allan Poe.

  1. According to Marshall Mc. Luhan, what is the global village?
  2. What does E.A.Poe tell in this story?
  3. Can you see any parallelism between the tale and our current society? Which one?
  4. What did the sailor observe and how did he survive?
  5. The media and the huge vortex that it creates presents us with similar possibilities of evasion and destruction, so how can we save ourselves from this chaos in society?
  6. Do you agree with the sociologist? What are other negative effects of media in our lives? 

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  1. This video made me think about this topic... The media
    Personally, I think we should "tie to a barrel and jump to the water to escape". In my opinion, this "barrel" is a hobby.
    We should have a hobby to escape from the technology.
    For example, my hobby is the clarinet.
    Thanks to the clarinet I can escape from the vortex