jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Marissa was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Situated in the north east of the United States of America. She is the fourth member of her family. Her father, Louis, and her brother, Jared, work as lawyers. On the other side, her mother Lydia is now retired. She used to work as teacher for children with some kind of difficulties or problems. Although Marissa´s father is Italian and her mother is Greek, she has always lived in the U.S.A.

 Marissa studied in New York in the Fordham private university, where she studied communication and history, and got graduated two years ago. She recommended us not to study in the U.S.A, especially in a private university. She argued that they have very expensive taxes. Marissa needed to pay almost 50.000 dollars to enter this university. 

This is her second year here in Spain. She has already been in Barcelona for a communication course, and as assistant in a school in Las Rozas. Marissa likes Europe a lot. She said that she would like to obtain the master in Holland and that probably she would establish herself in this continent. Now she is living in Malasaña, Madrid.

Marissa´s hobbies are: listening to music, sailing and traveling. She also loves art.
Her favorite music styles are rock, pop and heavy metal. She detests country music. Marissa commented us that she has been to many concerts as well as she has worked for the music industry.
Marissa´s family has a boat. When she lived in Boston, she and her family used to go sailing very frequently. This is because Boston is much closer to the sea, not like Madrid.

Marissa has been in many countries all over the world. She has visited South America as well as Europe. And now, she is looking forward to going to Asia.

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