viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

My favourite singer

Hello everyone. I had to do an English presentation about my favourite singer and present it today. I chose Nicki Minaj because I love the way she writes and sings her music, and also because she does not only sing rap. My teacher Manuela asked me to publish it here, so here it is:

Video (Grammy's Awards 2012 - Nicki Minaj performing "Roman's Holiday"):
(You can skip it to 1:38)

She is working on her 3rd album (4th, if we count the Re-Up of Pink FridayRoman Reloaded. Or even 7th, if we also count her Mixtapes). She has already uploaded the first single of the album (you can listen to it by clicking here).

Also, here you have a video with the lyrics of one of her songs. It has got some swear words, but I think it'll be OK. Hope you like it!

Also, here is the music video of her most known song. It's a mixture of Rap and Pop:

one of her best-selling single (7.2 million copies). This is only 'Hip-hop':

and an extra one, just because:

Here you have her official website:

Well. That's all, folks! Thanks for your attention! See you! :-)

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  1. Shocking artist and lyrics although the title of the song is really inspiring!
    Well done Amir.