jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

Young Inventors

We always try to find solutions to problems but it is not often easy. We need to think and analyze in detail once and again. For that you don´t only need inspiration but also a strong will to keep on going even if you haven´t been successful al first. I want to show you the invention of this thirteen year old boy who belongs to the Masai community :

Do you usually find it hard to try solutions to problems?
How do you face them? What are the hardest problems we have now?
What possible solutions can you think of?

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  1. Wow! Its incredible how a boy who is under-age has done more for his community and for his country than some people who are over-aged but have only think in their own benefit. For me, Richard Turere is a mini Robinson Crusoe. With the help of his intelligence, his attention, his ingenuity and some pieces of machines that almost everyone has in his house, he has created a machine that saves cows and lions. I hope he continues building machines for the benefit of the people around the world. Who knows, someday he may receive the Nobel Prize.