jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Global Classrooms, much more than a contest

I would like to talk you about a program  in which you all, bilingual student, would participate in the third years of ESO. 

Assembly of Madrid, day of opening

To begin with, I 'd like to warm you that this is not a contest, even if many people tell you so. Moreover I won´t say the same if someone refers to it as to a competition. From the first moment you are told that the one who would do it the "best" would receive a trip to the states and from there on, everyone struggles to be the "best", but not to learn the most. I guaranty you that Global Classrooms is an unforgettable experience, which least important thing is the trip, but the new experiences you  try out, which aren't always appreciated. This programme has helped me not just to understand important world issues worked on by the UN, but also how to internalize the opinion of other people and to understand how to express myself correctly.It's a brilliant practice of English, by the way.

Student should were smart clothes, such as real ambassadors

Although one of the most important points to succeed is to do a good research about your topic, you also need to feel confident to make the jury believe what you are saying. 
To achieve so, a UN Parliamentary Procedure should be used during the conference to talk, discuss or vote.

In 2012, students from the bilingual section who participated in Global Classrooms have worked on " Sports for peace and development" and in "Democratic Governments", some of the most treated topics by the UN. I wish y'all the best and hope you'd find out more by your own. Enjoy!!!

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