martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Article: A Tale of Two Cities Article

Defending the Citizens

The killer, the Marquis of Evremonde.
This morning a poor innocent boy was killed by the cruel, inconsiderate Marquis of Evremonde. The Marquis was rushing through the city on his horse and cait angrilly, not taking any notice of the citizens and making them run for their lives.
Suddenly, the Marquis felt something strange under his horses and heard a man shouting and crying. The Marquis realised he had run over a poor child and left hi dead. He is a cruel man and didn´t care about the father, he cared more about his horses. He told the man he was a sensible pesan and it was his fault because he should look after his children, then he threw a cointo the man and left, leaving the dead body of the child lying there.

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