jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

New assistant, Kelly Hurd from Detroit.

Hello everyone:

I imagine you all would like to know who is our new assistant this year. Well, her name is Kelly Hurd, she is an American girl from Detroit, Michigan. Detroit is a city in the East state of the U.S.A, although Americans call it the "Mid-West". This city is located just between the Great Lakes. From what I know, it's very cold there in winter time.
In the next pictures you'll see more it in detail.

Now you'd be able to see a short documentary on Northern Michigan (1950), as part of a travel documentaries series. It includes footage of Spikehorn Meyer, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinac Island, Travese City and other enignatic places in Michigan, Kelly's hometown.

When Kelly was in High school, she started wondering how about becoming a photographer, because she loved taking photos. In fact, she won some photography contests during those years.
She studied arts at college, but she was mainly keen on photography.

One of the Photography contests in which Kelly participated was one of NY. The photos had to be related with food. Kelly decided to take a picture of avocado sushi, that later became her lunch.
But why avocado sushi and not tuna sushi, for example?

Well, in fact Kelly is a vegetarian, but please do not confuse it with vegans. She doesn't eat meat and fish, but she can perfectly eat eggs, honey or dairy products.
And if you are wondering how vegetarians get the needed proteins you have to know that if you combine correctly thet different types of vegetables you get the 20 aminoacids without any problem. As it's said in the picture :"If you cook 'em right they are delicious".

Definitely Kelly is a magnificent and peculiar girl. At the moment, she is really concentrated in her career.
Some of my classmates had also asked her impressions and personal feelings when she arrived to Spain.Our assistant told us that she was amazed of the magnificent climate  in Madrid, but she also affirmed that she was very surprised when she saw how crowded was the separated smoking area. From there one saw how high was the smokers rate in Spain.

This is all we know about Kelly until now. But as we are very curious we'll find more about her this year.

See y'all soon,
Yelyzaveta Savchynets

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  1. Detroit is the world's tradicional Automotive center. A paradise to all those who wants to design cars (just like me)
    I agree with you that she is very kind with us, very patient (because, now that no one listens to me, we are sometimes very talkative)
    Being a photographer should be amazing, undoubtly.
    We are glad to have you here, Kelly.