domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012


Daniel Cipitria Megías, 2ºD                        4th October, 2012


Taiwan map
     Briana, our new assistant from Ohio, USA, has Asian family. Her parents were born in Taiwan. Her grandparents migrated from China, communist country with a strange law about sons and daughters. Briana has two brothers and one sister; they are six people in her family. Now, she lives in Ohio, but stays in Spain because of her studies, helping us in the classes of English, Music, Social Science and Natural Science.

Ohio map
     Ohio is a state located in the north of USA. A tradition is to go tailgating. It consists of going to a match (rugby) and, after it, doing a barbecue with food and drinks next to the car in the parking.


Scuba diving
      Briana likes to watch TV. Her favourite programme is "Lost" (USA version). She likes hockey, and plays soccer. Her Spanish favourite soccer team is Real Madrid; she also wants to practise scuba diving.

     Her dream is to be a lawyer, go to the Law School, and help people who have disabilities and oppressions.


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